Lisa Valle Wins the
W40 1500m Final, World Masters Cahmpionships, Lahti, Finland

Lisa runs an incredible 1500m and gets GOLD with an amazing finishing kick!


Terrance Spann
M-35-39 400m
World Championship


Lisa Valle 800m




Lisa Valle, Sanya Syrstad and Christine Reaser
W40 800m Final, World Masters Cahmpionships, Lahti, Finland

Incredible win by Lisa Valle, running an excellent and strategic race, patiently waiting till 100m left and then simply out kicks the two international runners ahead of her and wins by 10m in 2:18.17! Sanya Syrstad placed 6th finishing in 2:23.42 and Christine Reaser placed 9th finishing in 2:30.76. Congratulations ladies!



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Men's 35-39
World Record Attempt*

So Cal Track A 8:12.33
Terrance Spann 2:04.28
Bryan Dameworth 2:07.29
Alex Hastings 2:01.31
Brian Sax 1:59.98

SoCal Track B 8:12.93
Keith Chambers 2:04.06
Eric Bowles 2:06.41
Gerardo Rabelo 2:01.19
Jon Colletti 2:01.28

*Listed World record
Spain 8:11.84 on 8/6/08



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